Harmonic Bridge: O+A 1998-present

Back in 1997 before MASSMoCA opened Joe Thompson had the idea to activate the town of North Adams with sound art.  Harmonic Bridge was O+A’s installation, and it continues to this day, generating harmony from the roadway noise of the Highway 2 overpass.  Now there is a live feed of the result, some 19 years later, still going strong in real-time.  (Live Webcam)

And here is a vimeo O+A made many years later for those who want details and cannot visit the site.


Tonic : O+A – West Hollywood

In May 2017 Tonic was given a facelift.  Bill Ballou, who has been maintaining the piece and helped to create it along with Cecile Bouchier, replaced the drivers and amplifiers.  We set new levels, based on the preferences of long time users who sit on the speakers day after day for years now, and know all the secrets of this sound installation. 


Solstice 2017 at The TANK

The TANK Center for Sonic Arts just celebrated Summer Solstice 2017 with banner installations by George Peters and Melanie Walker, concerts, recording sessions, and the inauguration of its outdoor sonic amphitheater. Roomful of Teeth with special guests Rinde Eckert, and Jessica Meyer, performed for an audience of 40 inside the TANK while another 100 sitting under the stars were transported into the TANK’s acoustics via our new Meyer Sound system, in glorious 5.1 surround. We are now an official Meyer Sound venue. Look for more concerts under the stars in the future.

Roomful of Teeth performing in The TANK. Their visit produced gorgeous recordings of Michael Harrison’s “Just Constellations” and several other works.

Harmonic Conduit: O+A

Harmonic Conduit, by O+A   sonically links two communities, Northeastern University and Lower Roxbury  with a new sound installation in Boston’s Ruggles Station. The asymetry of power between the communities can be heard in the soundscapes O+A tap to create a real-time harmony between the two. It runs 24 hours a day as part of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s exhibition, “Listen Hear: The Art of Sound”, with funding by the Goethe Institut, Boston.


Symphony of Resonances: O+A

Documenta 14: Thessaloniki, Greece

O+A, Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger have been asked to respond to the Russian Futurist Avraamov’s  massive site specific work “Symphony of Sirens” which employed factory sirens, machine guns, aircraft flyovers, and a chorus of 1000 workers and soldiers.    Noting that 100 years later this cacophony would sink within the noisefloor of a normal modern city without creating an impact, O+A respond by listening to the city, and beginning to tune it’s voices.

Friday July 14, 2017  4–12 pm, Rotunda and Palace of Galerius


Prelude, Tuning the Ruins 
Taking place in Navarino Square, where Roman ruins are tightly surrounded by densely packed 1960s and 1970s apartment blocks, O+A use this built environment as their “resonating chamber,” activating the ruins of the Palace of Galerius with the sounds of today’s Thessaloniki, reduced to harmonic proportions through their “tuning tube.” We listen to harmonically tuned “modern” noises—sound waves from traffic, jets, motorcycles, the entire swarm of activity produced by large cities today.

Sound – Thomas Koch

Friday July 14, 2017  9 pm, Rotunda of Galerius

Requiem for the Extraction Economy:  
Performance for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and bass soloists, and the eight-channel Orchestra of Cities

The Rotunda is one of a few buildings that remained intact after Thessaloniki was destroyed by fire in 1917. Having been used as a mausoleum, a church, and a mosque, it is ideally suited for the resonance of the human voice—chanting or in song. The scale of four perfectly matched unamplified human voices within this space will be in a dramatic struggle with the recorded resonances of the city.

Singers – Sarah Chalfy – soprano, Hai-Ting Chinn – mezzo-soprano, Christopher Sokolowski – tenor, Mark Sans Uhleman – bass.
Sound – Mark Fuller
Orchestra of Cities – Sam Auinger, Conductor – Bruce Odland