Sonic Architecture

TDAmeritrade, 2018, Executive Creative Director of at Havas, New York. Led study of trading company’s use of sound. Designed a unified pallet of sounds for use across all platforms. Defined consumer touchpoints for wayfinding and branding.

Google and Commonwealth Theater, 2018, 4d sound design and music for Hamlet 360 VR.

ESI Design, 2015-16, ambient information environment sonic design for PNC Bank world headquarters in Pittsburgh. Then for Beacon Capital Partners’ Terrell Building in Washington DC.

Goethe Institute, 2016, O+A, traffic noise-to-harmony conversion, resonant within an ancient cathedral in Mexico City. (video)

Brugge Triennale, 2015, O+A, architectural echo-location installation via blimp speakers orienting visitors throughout the medieval city of Brugge, Belgium.

Novartis, 2011, co-directed w/ Laurie Anderson, 24 channel adaptive sound environment permanently installed for Novartis Campus green. Basel, Switzerland.

Beethoven Foundation & Federal City of Cologne, 2013, O+A, noise-to-harmony conversion of the city above, resonating in the new subway tunnels of Cologne, “urban space – urban sound”.  (video)

Frankfort Greenbelt, 2011, O+A, sound installation linking the city’s north and south greenbelts. (video)

European Open Science Forum, 2010, O+A, keynote address to european scientific thought leaders on the importance of “Hearing Perspective” in our world view.

Ear to the Earth, 2009, O+A, “my eyes. . . my ears . . . “ performance deconstruction of New York sonic space.

MFX1, 2001, design team director for the living architecture of MFX1, a bimodal underground club in Chicago that turns into an interactive art gallery.

The Field Museum, 1999, creative director of the award-winning interactive exhibit, “Sounds from the Vaults”, a sonic perspective offered to a traditionally visually oriented museum.

Millennium Commission, 1999creative director for “Planet Earth Gallery”, an interactive eco-sustainability attraction for the Earth Center in Doncaster, England.

I.B.M., 2003, composer in residence at the Watson Research Facility, creating operating system sounds for PCs.

Manca Festival, 1996, O+A, focused beams of sound into active architectural reflections of MAMAC, in Nice, France.

Trajan’s Forum, 1992, O+A, harmonized a chaotic town square in the historical Roman plaza of Trajan’s Forum.

Crandon Gardens, 1986, design team member for the art park repurposed from an abandoned zoo. Key Biscayne, FL.