Hamlet 360 “Thy Father’s Ghost”

Bruce Odland created a sound world for Hamlet 360, an experiment in VR theater, for Google and Commonwealth Theater. Director Steve Maler takes the VR medium to a new level, infusing it with Shakespearean content, immersion, and high production standards.

Odland recorded the score at The TANK Center for Sonic Arts adding prepared piano, and French horn. With Robin Shore at SilVR Sound he placed these elements in a 4 dimensional sound design.

Get your headsets ready, it is an immersive treat. Hamlet 360

Production Team

Adapted & Directed by Steven Maler 
Produced by Graham Sack & Quentin Little 
Production & Cinematography by Sensorium 
Costume & Production Design by Clint Ramos 
Music & Sound Design by Bruce Odland 
Technical Direction by Matthew Niederhauser & John Fitzgerald 
Post Production Sound by SilVR 
Visual Effects by The Molecule