Hear the Time of Your Life, 2018, O+A, exploration of Time for the Rubin Museum, NYC
Ear Yoga, 2017, The Rubin Museum, NYC
Requiem for fossil fuels, 2017, O+A, documenta 14, Thessaloniki, Greece

Fast Forward,  2015, site specific sound performance for the opening of the Whitney Museum
Space is not the Place, 2014, O+A, performance/lecture for festival bonnhoeren, Bonn, Germany
Urban Sound – Urban Space, 2013, O+A, performance/installation opening Köln’s Achte Brücken Festival
my eyes. . . my ears. . .  2009-present, O+A, live performance on the failure of the “Sonic Commons” ,  Ear to the Earth festival NYC, 2009, Montreal, Electra Festival 2010, Ars Electronica 2011
Requiem for Fossil Fuels, 2007-2010, O+A ,World Financial Center, NYC, for New Sounds Live; Elizabeth Kirche, Berlin, Inventionen Festival; Judson Memorial Church; 01SJ Biennal, San Jose
Hive Wien, 2001, O+A, installation/performance, Wien Modern Festival, Vienna
Cloud Chamber, 1997, O+A, real-time ambient sound transformation of city noise and interactive concert simultaneously (via internet) at The Kitchen, NYC, and Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria
City Ears, 1996, O+A, architectural/sonic performance, Manca Festival, Nice, France
Machine Rave, 1995, O+A, performance (with Contained and Matt Hackert), Palais Xtra, Zurich
StadTraum, 1991, O+A, spectacle resonating old city of Salzburg to 6 cardinal points for 200th Anniversary of Mozart’s death, Salzburg, Austria
Bruce Odland Big Band, 1985-1989, 10 piece New Wave big band leader, composer, front man
Invisible Ballroom, 1982, ‘music you can’t hear, ambience you can’t feel’, Warehouse District, Denver
Nightwatch, 1980, performance and installation with Robert Ellsworth, Denver Art Museum
Dead Art Live, 1981, installation/punk opera, Warehouse District, Denver
Everything gone Downstream, 1980, for Beyond Art, Aspen Center for Visual Arts
Music for Lost Millions, 1979, installation/performance, Jae Ram Loft, Denver
Sonic Excavation, 1979, installation/performance with pre-Colombian instruments, Denver Art Museum
Soundworks, 1979, solo exhibition and performance, Sebastian Moore Gallery, Denver, Colorado
Lost and Found Sound, 1978, Larimer Square, Denver