Sound Installations

Permanent Sound Installations

Seven Bells for Stone Barns, 2014-present, On the Rockefeller farm, Pocantico Hills, NY
Hearing View, 2013–present, O+A, Rheingau Psychiatric Clinic, Switzerland, O+A (Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger)
Sonic Vista, 2011–present, O+A, Frankfurt, Germany, the Greenbelt
The Green, 2011–present, co-directed with Laurie Anderson, for Novartis Campus, Basel, Switzerland
Tonic, 2002–present, public art collection of the City of West Hollywood, CA
Harmonic Bridge, 1998–present, O+A, sound art collection of MASSMoCA, North Adams, MA

Sound Installations and Exhibitions

Tuning the Ruins, 2017, Large scale harmonic transformation of Palace of Galerius for documenta 14
Harmonic Conduit, 2017, large scale sonic intervention in Ruggles Station, Boston, for Gardner Museum
Dead Girl Vampire Cats, 2017, immersive multi-media collaboration with video artist Cindy Klein
Tones for Terrell, 2016, interactive sound installation for Terrell building, Washington DC, with ESI
Beacon, 2015, interactive sonification of PNC Bank International Headquarters building data, Pittsburgh
Quiet is the New Loud, 2015, O+A, city wide installation for Brugge Triennale, Belgium
Hearing Space, 2013, 2007, Installation, a year of listening to the Hudson Valley, the Studio, Armonk, NY
Sonic Landscape,  2011, artistic residency, performance, installation in West Riverina, Australia
R2, Linz , 2011, O+A, resonance installation at the Lentos Museum for Ars Electronica Festival
Grundklang Bonn, 2010, O+A, resonance installation, Bonn, Germany
bergen R1, 2010, O+A, resonance installation, lydgalleriet, Bergen, Norway
Harmony in the Age of Noise, 2008, cross disciplinary examination of soundscape at Tufts University with Anthropologist David Guss, and over 100 students and faculty, leading to sound installation
Good Vibrations, 2006, multi-media installation for Museum of Contemporary Art, Sidney, Australia
Elevated Harmonies, 2006, O+A, transform of city noise into harmony, Elevated Acres, NYC
Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty, 2006, sound installation with video by Tony Oursler and Dan Graham for Whitney Biennial of American Art
Bell Deep, 2005, sound design and score for Tony Oursler installation, AroS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
Requiem for Fossil Fuels, 2004, O+A, installation/performance, Sophien Kirche, Berlin
Vertical Game, 2004, O+A, temporary sound fields in Alchemy Tower, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
Blue Moon, 2004, O+A, long term public sound art, World Financial Center, NYC, sponsored by Battery Park City Authority, Creative Time, and World Financial Center Arts and Events
Orchestra A, 2003, designed overtone orchestra for Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville FL
Box 30-70, Linz,  2002, O+A, an audio camera-obscura, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
Muscovia, 2002, sound design for George Tsypin installation, Venice Architecture Biennale
MFX1, 2001, experimental club-media space and living architecture, Chicago
Pool, 2001, O+A, harmonic tuning of Potsdamer Platz, sponsored by Hypoveriens Bank, Berlin
BOX 30/70, 2001, O+A, sound installation/tour to transform soundscapes of Berlin, Dresden, Witten, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, Vienna.  Sponsored by Siemons Art Projects
Sounds from the Vaults, 1999-2000, interactive exhibition, virtual orchestra of artifacts, Field Museum, Chicago, 30/70 Productions
MotetR, 1999, O+A, sound installation extracting musical voices from city soundscape, Berlin
Planet Earth Gallery, 1999, large scale interactive exhibit, a digital Stonehenge, Earth Center, Millennium Commission Project, Doncaster, England, 30/70 Productions
Balance 1.1, 1997, O+A, sound installation, Klang Art Festival, Osnabrük, Germany
Real-Time Res, 1996, resonance installation, CrossWaves Festival, Philadelphia, PA
Fundamental Air, 1995, resonance installation in Miro Labyrinth, Foundation Maeght, St. Paul, France
Framed, 1995, interactive triptych (with Sam Auinger and Robert Ellsworth), Speil Art Festival, Munich
MaxRes, 1995, O+A , real-time interactive re-tuning of soundscape over internet, Ars Electronica Festival
R3, 1995, O+A, real-time transformation of public soundscape, Hanover Sound Art Festival, Germany
Lost Neighborhood, O+A, 1993, sound installation for Peter Erskine’s “Secrets of the Sun”, Berlin
MAK, 1992, O+A, installation for the re-opening of MAK, Vienna
Traffic Mantra, 1992, O+A, sound installation Trajan’s Forum, Rome
Twinning Gallery, 1991, sound installation for George Tsypin gallery show, NYC
Garten der ZeiTraume, 1990, O+A, Sound Cosmology for 500th anniversary of Linz, Ars Electronica Festival
Insight, 1988, sound and score for optical installation by Stan Lauder, Cooper Union, NYC
Riverworks, 1987, O+A, sound installation, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
Crandon Gardens, 1986, NEA-funded design team for Art Park, with Vito Acconci, Key Biscayne, FL
Rippleworks, 1985, sound installation in Japanese Garden, New Music America, Los Angeles
Riverworks, 1980, sound installation in Roaring Forks River, Aspen Center for the Visual Arts
Sun Song, 1977, 4-channel sound installation in bell tower, Colorado Celebration of the Arts, Denver